The Sewing Corner
Two Mug Bag
Donated by Lois McKay Penticton BC
This Quilted Mug Bag is a nice way for you to bring your Coffee Mug to all your Square Dances.
Be sure to put your name and Phone # in the bag.

Made from a brown paper bag. find a brown paper bag to suit your cups and use it.
We suggest a  6 3/4 x 3 7/8 paper bag. This is the measurement of the bottom of the bag.
This will fit most normal size cups. The pattern could be easily modified for bigger bags.
Using Velcro on the flaps to hold it closed and be able to carry it by the flaps.
The A B line is the center line for the center piece.

Use Quilted material the size of material you will need is easily determine after you cut your bag out of paper.

Cutting & Sewing Instructions:
Cut the bag as shown in the diagram then  cut out the Center piece from another bag . Sew 4 corners with good sides together leaving an 1/4 '" seam allowance. Then turn it outside in and sew your center piece in next Sides only. Sew2 strips of velcro to the four flaps, two on each flap. Sew two of one type on the top of one flap and two of the other type on the bottom of the opposite flap. you will need 18" of velcro for the bag, no matter what size cups you use.


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