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by C. Lowe Dallas TX
Oh greatest Caller, Who knowest all moves from Basics through Challenge and beyond,
we are thank-ful for the opportunity to weave a ring of friends;
to circle left and right to rhythms reflecting the order of thy universe, for ears to hear music
and laughter; for eyes to see Thy rainbow of colors shining here; for love in its myriad forms
Extend to us Thy blessings- - -
May all our turns be courteous as we pass through
Thy way; may we walk in equality and dodge iniquity, may we bend the line to
Your will; may we see Thy star through our troubles and cast offthree-quarters of these on Thee.
Keep us square through life as we wheel and deal with our neighbor;
Bless those who lead right as we cross through this world; and when to promenade home,
may it be with Thee

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