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The following clip art has been funded by the BC Square and Round Dance Federation. 

 We hope that you will enjoy using it on your promotion posters.



Each of these clip art pictures are in JPG format.

 These pictures can be saved to your computer for your own use

 To save these pictures right click on the image then save to your computer.

 You should be able to resize them to whatever you want. Or I can resize them for you by request.

 Or try this free editing program if you like http://www.irfanview.com/

If you are having a problem I can send them to you by request. .E-mail  Contact Webmaster


Clip Art Index

Live Lively Logos
Editable logos (pick a colour for your logo. Will print clearly at 8.5" x 11") 
Couples - Flat Colour
Couples - Patterned Colour
Couples - Flat Grayscale
Couples - Patterned Gray
Couples - Silhouettes
Contra Lines
Other Posters & Logos


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